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Take a peek into ours.

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Now you're thinking outside your box!


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If you want some help using design thinking and creative problem solving tools, then this box is for you! 


We created Brainstorm in a Box to help give you the guidance and instruction you need to be confident as an innovation catalyst in your organization.

Open the box and you'll find a depth of :60 -:90 second videos guiding you through the entire process of an innovation session. 


From set up and note taking tips, to warm-up exercises and facilitation techniques, you'll learn to use some of the same techniques we've used at Disney and with other global clients.

Wait! Who are we?



The people behind Brainstorm In A Box:


Sean Brown
Co-Chief Box Opener

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Lee Kitchen
Co-Chief Box Opener


We're Sean and Lee.  And we want to help you think outside your box! 

(We know, cliche, just roll with it)


Together we have an amazing collection of design thinking and creative problem solving experience which we've honed from our time leading innovation with The Walt Disney Company, and training and certifications from MIT, What?If! Accenture, IDEO and Tim Hurson's ThinkX process. 

And we've helped teams think through solutions and opportunities from a broad range of organizations like Good Year, Edison Properties, Advent Health, Hilton, Kellogg's, Denver Water and The Adventure Travel Trade Association.

While we've hosted and facilitated design thinking brainstorm sessions for years, we want to share some tools, techniques and tricks to planning and running a well oiled brainstorm.

So rip the tape off and look inside our box.  We're delivering a whole bunch of tools to help you be an innovation leader in your organization!



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